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Questions an answers About Chemical Peels

Questions and Answers About Chemical Peels:

Q. What type of skin is the chemical peel okay for? 
A. Our chemical peels are okay for Rosacea, acne, sun damage, fine lines, dry and unevenly pigmented skin.  They are okay for all skin types (depending on the type we choose).


Q. Why are chemical peels good? 

A. Chemical peel treatments cause the regeneration of new cells to occur at a faster rate than they would do naturally. Natural skin turnover follows our 28-day biological calendar like other body cycles. The speed of the cell turnover cycle decreases as we age. Collagen and elastin, which comprise a large part of our skin's support structure, also decreases.  Keep in mind, however, that achieving healthy skin depends on other factors such as diet, smoking, stress, as well as a healthy skin maintenance program at home in conjunction with monthly facial treatments.


 Q. What will happen the day of the chemical peel?

A. You will get a consultation, followed by the procedure.  You will NOT be able to wash your face after the procedure.  It is best to go home right after.  Usually you look the same right after.

Chemical peels are NOT regular facials or regular peels. We do not perform ANY extractions, steaming, or massage with any of the chemical peel treatments. Prior to any chemical treatment and for best results, it is best to avoid the following one week before the treatment: electrolysis, waxing, any exfoliating products (including loofah and scrubs), any products containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids (ie glycolic, salycilic or similar), Retin-A, Renova, Differin, Tarzorac, and other similar retinoids. Refrain from the following 14 days prior to peel: chemical peel, tanning in a booth or the sun, wax, laser hair removal, collagen injections, Botox, microdermabrasion, electric skin brush, plastic surgery procedures, and cold sores. All Accutane® users must have discontinued the drug for six full weeks prior to this peel. Also, if you are pregnant or lactating, you cannot have a chemical peel.  Best not to be on any antibiotics either, because your skin will be more sensitive.


Q. What will happen the next day after the chemical peel? 
A.  Some people get slightly red or brown depending on the skin color.  Like a fabulous suntan.    (NOT LIKE A TOMATO!) And some people do not flush at all.  It depends on your type of skin.


 Q. How much downtime is expected with this peel? 

A. There is no downtime. But you need one week for full skin recovery.  Directly after the chemical peel, you cannot wash your face or apply any makeup.  A few days later the skin will start to peel.  Some people may peel a lot and some people may peel less.  The peeling is not always even on the skin.  DO NOT PULL ON HANGING SKIN once you start peeling because this may cause hyperpigmentation (brown spots).


 Q. When will I start "peeling", for how long and how much? 

A. Everyone's experience will be different. However, on average, you will see flaking by day 2 or 3 following treatment. It is possible to see flaking for up to 5 or 6 days.


 Q. Should I expect any discomfort when having a peel? 

A. It will vary. You may experience a "warm" feeling, as well as a mild tingling or stinging, which only lasts for a few moments.


 Q. My skin is very thin. Why would I want to peel?

Wouldn't that make my skin thinner? 
A. If your skin is very dry and thin, often there is a buildup of dead cells that actually keeps your home care products from penetrating. Having a peel will remove that surface build-up, hydrate the skin and give it a more plump, "thicker" appearance.


 Q. What ingredients are in the chemical peel?

A. It depends on the person's skin and whatever we choose such as TCA, and AHAs, and/or Jessner or some other ingredients.  We also have customized chemical peels suited for mature light skin.


Q. How soon can I do another chemical peel? 
A. You must wait at least 2-6weeks before the next one.   (depending on the skin condition).


Q. If I am pregnant can I get a peel?

A. As long as you are cleared by your Dr. we can do the peel. We have never seen any isssues arise from a chemmical peel in pregancy, but as allways coution and medical clearance is needed.

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