Purifying Paste

Deep Cleansing Masque Therapy

This ultra concentrated unique mineral - rich masque contains the incredible deep cleansing clay known as bentonite. This is a powerful cleansing clay that won’t dry or strip skin (no alcohol). Purifying Paste de-toxes your pores/follicles from embedded oil, debris and bacteria. You’ll immediately begin to feel the incredible purifying effect from the organic eucalyptus. Your skin will be left with a fresh, soft, clearer complexion.

Client Benefits:
Ultra concentrated weekly booster! I call this the skins vaccum in a bottle.

To Use:
Always use immediately after Skin Breather. Apply generously as needed - entire face, t-zone or broken out areas. Avoid under eye area. Let sit 8-15 minutes, rinse. Use no more than three times per week. Please use three times a week for clogged, bumpy, oily broken out skin. Follow with Moisture Enter-Lock then M.D.R. Formula. Other Uses: Dab on your huge monster (pimple) and leave on overnight. Do this for spot treatment only.

Extremely active formula. Please do not use more than three times a week. LeAine’s Beauty Secret: Acne has also been linked to an over toxic body.

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