Future Youth

Anti-Aging Serum What a power house! With 20% stabilized vitamin C known for its youthful restoration and support of collagen production, also helps fade dark spots. Horse chestnut extract for its incredible firming ability. Hyaluronate acid holds 1,000 times its weight of water. Superoxide Dismutase to prevent free radical damage, just to name a few of its amazing benefits. Power packed with vitamins and plant extracts known to support an aging skin. All developed in my amazing liquid serum formula for a deep level of a b s o rption. Use as an incredible eye area treatment. Multi-liposomes to insure maximum penetration.

Client Benefits:
Liquid hydration therapy! Unlike a cream this liquid serum penetrates deep into your skins tissue! Visibly see a more youthful complexion within weeks. Supports collagen production, helps fade dark spots.

To Use:
Apply pea-sized amount to entire face, neck and eye area. Don’t forget cleavage area. Follow with Moisture Enter-Lock then proper M.D.R. Formula. Use am only. If 29 and older, use am and pm. Can be used by all skin “types”.

Very concentrated, a little goes a long way.

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