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Ambiance Med Spa of Huntington Beach is honored to carry the Leaine Dehmer Skin Care System, a complete line of skin care that  includes moisturizers, cleansers, exfoliators, masques, starter kits and holistic skin care.  Created by skin care specialist Leaine Dehmer, this effective line of skin care products has been uniquely and scientifically designed with nature at its purest form. 




Q. Why should you not mix and match your skin care products.
A. Every product line has its own philosophy of how and why it works. Leaine Dehmer skin care products work in synergy. All ingredient combinations, activity levels, ph balances, and molecular structures of each product have been created to work together. Some routines of other skin care lines can actually fight against each other. If you really want to know how a line will work for you, let it do its job properly and completely.
Q. Which 3 Leaine Dehmer skin care products are the best to use for starters?
A. Leaine Dehmer Cleanser, Moisture Enter-Lock and Skin Breather. These are the 3 products that will make a huge difference because of how uniquely different they work from anything else. The whole concept of cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating is so different from anything out there. These 3 products can be intermixed into other lines. Just a reminder: when using Leaine Dehmer cleansers, do not use a toner from another line. It is not necessary due to the fact the cleansers are completely water-soluble and do not leave an invisible residue. A toner most likely will throw your skin into a negative PH alkaline balance with a drying effect.



Q. I know I am supposed to use a toner, but every time I do it dries my skin and makes it tight. Is there such a thing as a better toner?
A. Toners are designed to remove the invisible residue left behind from your cleanser. You know how you see that little bit of make-up or grey tinge on the cotton pad? Unfortunately, toners must be in a PH alkaline base to cut through the invisible oils, waxes or silicones in cleansers. This alkaline state fights against your PH acid balance making you dry and tight. There is no toner in the Leaine Dehmer line at all!!!! The only way to eliminate this step was by making the cleansers, eye make-up remover, and even the facial massage cream (used during our facials), completely water-soluble. Again, this leaves no invisible residues in the first place. Therefore, you will have nothing to strip off, and you won’t be drying out your skin.
Q. What is it that makes the Leaine Dehmer skin care line so different?
A. Number 1 is the Leaine Dehmer clinical skincare “synergy” approach. Usually skin care lines boast about an amazing ingredient that is unique or limited to their line. Unfortunately an ingredient or two is not going to be everything your skin needs. The Leaine Dehmer “synergy” approach includes:
• never changing the acidic balance of your skin
• water-soluble cleansers and eye make-up remover eliminating the use of a drying toner
• liquid hydration-therapy for deep down moisture supply to the inner skin tissue (moisture creams are too thick to penetrate below the skins surface)
• multiple liposome’s to ensure cellular penetration of beneficial ingredients (clinical laboratory test have suggested the only way for ingredients to penetrate below the skins surface is using liposome’s as the delivery vehicle)
• moisturizers with dual environmental protectants (just as damaging to skin as free radicals are negative enzymes) and lipid replacement (just as important as water in your skin)
• deep skin peel system without drying, irritating, reddening or thinning your skin (the last thing you want to happen to an aging skin)
• ingredient percentages are of the highest activity levels
Let’s put it all together in a skincare routine to see what does not happen to your skin on the leaine dehmer clinical skincare “synergy” system and how the “synergy” approach works differently for you.

Step #1 After cleansing my skin feels clean and refreshed not dry or tight. No invisible residues, so no toner
Step #2 I use the liquid moisturizer, Moisture Enter-Lock (MEL) “the skin food”. Feeding the skin inside with liquid vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, plant extracts for a deeper penetration. MEL also helps to stop moisture evaporation that happens all day long with the use of humectants that hold moisture into the skin like moisture magnets. The typical method for moisturizing is using thicker creams that lay over the skins surface physically trying to trap moisture into the skin; which clogs the pores and follicles.
Step #3 I moisturize. How convenient a 5 in 1 cream for face, neck, eyes; a day cream and a night cream all in one. Not heavy or greasy it actually went into my skin rather than just laying on top. Women and men are using a face cream to seal in moisture and nourishment that is lacking in the first place. By using the liquid moisturizer first (MEL) you now have moisture, vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant etc… to seal into the skin.


Q. I hear vitamin C does not last in products. Can you explain why because the Leaine Dehmer “Future Youth” Anti-Aging Liquid Serum has a really high concentration of vitamin C? Also I heard there are way better methods to exfoliate!
A. Vitamin C is a wonder ingredient for your skin. It is correct that it is hard to stabilize in products. It can loose up to 80% or more of its potency once water and air hit the unstable molecule. So we worked with our team of top chemist who has found a unique soy lipid pod or capsule otherwise known as a liposome. These liposome’s not only allow for a deeper delivery below the skins surface of the vitamin C it also seals and protects the vitamin C to keep it stabilized not releasing the vitamin C until it penetrates the skin. For extra protection we also use a triple walled glass bottle that is UV coated (to eliminate the UV from bathroom light bulbs) and is pumped dispensed so your not opening the bottle allowing air to get in nor can you stick your fingers in the bottle keeping your product more hygienic. You will notice in about 8 days the restoration taking place to a sun damaged, sagging skin as well as the darker pre-mature spots beginning to fade. My vitamin C formula is a non-exfoliating form of vitamin C so you are getting the nutrition from the vitamin C not an exfoliating action using a different method of vitamin C mixed with other acids which can over time thin the skin out.
Q. The Leaine Dehmer Skin Breather Exfoliant Peel has been referred to as also being a skin "retenderizer". I have never heard this word used before in a skin care product, can you explain what this means?
A. As we age, our skin surface thickens for many reasons for instance; sun exposure, microdermabrasion, harsh cleansing regimes, just to name a few. This thickening hinders precious ingredient absorption and activity for results (just how grey hair becomes resistant to hair color), the exclusive peptide complex in Leaine Dehmer Skin Breather Peel reverses this thickening process (retenderizing) returning the skin to a soft and pliable canvas.


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